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September 16th – 21st

Click HERE to view an interactive DEMO of our new Digital Banking.

Loan Account Numbering
With our software upgrade, you may notice a slight revision to your loan account number. Your new account number can be found in our new digital banking solution or by contacting one of our Bank representatives. Transactions presented to Security Bank with the old account number will be updated to the new one. You do not have to take any actions in this matter unless you have provided your loan account number for electronic or digital bill payment with another institution. If so, please update your account number with the other institution after Monday, September 20th.

New Change
Some split payments may not post immediately – only when the full payment has been received. For any questions, please call our Loan Servicing Department at 217-789-3500 or email support@securitybk.com.

Thank you. Your patience during this upgrade is greatly appreciated. If you need assistance, call or email to speak with our team: