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Your financial goals are unique and we are here for you. We pride ourselves on being a community bank with a personal touch and can help assist you in reaching your goals.



Security Bank is here to help. See our frequently asked questions to quickly find answers to your most common questions.

A: Security Online is a convenient, safe and secure way to conduct most of your everyday banking transactions via an Internet connection. Do your banking any day, any time, all from the privacy of your own home or office or anywhere you have an Internet connection.
A: We may convert your account to inactive status if you do not sign on to the Online Service or have any transaction scheduled through the Online Service during any consecutive ninety (90) day period. If your account is considered inactive, you must contact us to have the Service activated before you will be able to schedule any transaction through the Service.
A: You can access all of your Security Bank accounts, except for credit card and investment accounts.
A: You may choose forgot password link on ‘Security Online’ Login page or call Security Bank at (217) 789-3500 for assistance
A: Current and previous month’s activity is available via the “Transactions” button. View up to 18 months of checking account statements using the “Statements” button. Copies of statements older than 18 months are available by contacting a Security Bank representative.
A: Check and deposit images from the current and previous month are available by clicking on the underlined check number or the word DEPOSIT, which are hyperlinks to the imaged items.
A: Yes, in order to flip the item over, click on the Back of Check button, and wait for the backside of the image to load to your screen. You also have the ability to rotate the image on your screen to enable easier viewing of items listed on the back of your deposit ticket, for example. In order to rotate the image, click on the Rotate Image button.
A: In order to ensure you log off the online banking system completely and correctly, we recommend you click on the Exit button.
A: It is a good habit to get into whenever you have completed your online transactions to close out of your browser as an added measure of security.
A: Yes, each person who is an owner on the account(s) must register individually in order to access the account records. Remember that you must be an owner on the account in order to view its information.
A: There is an inactive session time-out of 20 minutes, which means if you are not performing any transactions or inquiries, you will be logged off after the 20 minutes. You will just need to log back in to gain access to your accounts. It’s not recommended that you utilize the Back button, as you will not be able to access the previous screen in that way. You will need to go to the main login screen.
A: In order to direct a transfer from checking or savings toward the principal balance of your loan, you would click on the Transfer button, access the One Time Transfer function, drop down the Payment Type Box, and specify Principal Payment.
A: This function is not currently available.
A: First click on Online Banking and then click on the “Online Banking Login” link. Second, it may also be that you need to “force” your screen to refresh. If you have visited our page previously, your browser may have stored our old version of the home page to help it load faster. To force your browser to reload the most current version, hold down the shift key and click the refresh button on your browser.
A: To access or change your Access ID please call Security Bank at (217) 789-3500 for assistance.
A: Please call Security Bank and we will ensure that all of your accounts are linked to your portfolio. Remember, you must be an owner on the account to view its information. If you are still having trouble using Security Online, please contact Security Bank. Our staff will be glad to assist you, 217-789-3500.
A: Security Online is a FREE service for customers of Security Bank. Classic Bill Pay services are $3.95 per month.
A: Customers with accounts at Security Bank can click on the Online Banking link on the Home Page to enter the Security Online system. Then click on First Time User Registration link and read through the Electronic Services Agreement. Click the “I ACCEPT” button and submit the Security Online Registration form and then, access is granted.
A: The available balance for all accounts in real-time and will change throughout the day based on your activity.
A: Generally, transfers made prior to 6:00 p.m. CST on regular business days will be credited that same day. Transfers made after 6:00 p.m. CST will be credited on the next regular business day.
A: Some accounts, such as checking accounts, have no limits as to the number of transfers you can make. However, many savings accounts, by Federal Regulation, are allowed no more than six preauthorized withdrawals or transfers per month. If you’re unsure whether your account has this restriction, please check with an account representative.
A: “Alpha-numeric” refers to the fact that both numbers and letters are used. “Case-sensitive” means that both upper and lower case letters are used-therefore “a” is not the same as “A.” For example, if your password is “123doG,” you must type it exactly like that. “123DOG” will not allow you to enter the system. This method is used to provide you with the highest level of security.
A: Yes. You can change your password online by clicking the Options button at the top of the page.
A: Absolutely. You will continue to receive your scheduled statements as usual, by mail or electronically. Electronic statement customers receive e-mail notification reminders when a statement is ready for viewing via Security Online or with an encrypted attachment. Waiting for statements to arrive in your mailbox is a thing of the past. Sign up for E-Statement today!
A: To export transactions into a personal application, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Money, Quicken, or Quickbooks, simply click on the Transactions button – Choose Transaction Menu – Input the date range, etc. or leave the defaults as ALL, then click on Export. There is also a Display option that will allow you to view the transaction criteria selected.
A: We require that you use an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Microsoft Explorer (7.0 or newer) is the recommended browser, which you can download at
A: Certain browsers have the functionality to store a password for you so that you don’t have to remember many passwords. We STRONGLY urge you NOT to use this feature or disable it entirely to keep your password confidential. Check the Help section of your particular browser to get specific information on how to disable this feature. Security Bank accepts no liability for customers who choose to store their password in this fashion for our Online Banking product.
A: Current monthly loan payment amounts can be increased by any amount, and when processed before the 20th of the month, the excess amount will go toward the principal. If a payment is processed after the next month billing statements are produced and the current month payment is not yet satisfied, the excess amount will go toward the next month’s payment.
A: No. The amount shown on the Estimated Net Payoff line is just that, an estimate. Please contact a loan representative in the event of an actual payoff request.
A: As a security feature, you have only 3 attempts to enter your password correctly before you are locked out of the system. To gain access, you will have to contact Security Bank at 217-789-3500.
A: This description is input by Security Bank staff as a Title on your account. This description will also appear on printed statements that are mailed to you.
A: This is an optional feature of a transfer record that you can set in yourself, but this description will override our more descriptive account detail. This description will appear on your statements
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