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Your financial goals are unique and we are here for you. We pride ourselves on being a community bank with a personal touch and can help assist you in reaching your goals.


Other Services

Visa Credit Card

Apply for the right card and see what a difference we can make. Apply Now.

Visa Debit Card

Debit cards eliminate the need to carry cash or physical checks to make purchases directly from your account.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your important documents and other valuables where they’re safe from theft, fire, or flood. We have safe deposit boxes available at all three of our locations.

Insured Cash Sweep

Rest Assured. You work hard for your money, and so do we. The FDIC insures up to $250,000 in your Security Bank account. If your account balance rises above $250,000, you may deposit the surplus with other ICS network institutions. This ensures that all your money stays protected. The best part? Your funds stay liquid and remain accessible whenever you need them. How does it work? The FDIC insures deposits up to $250,000. Insured Cash Sweep takes funds in excess of the FDIC-insured amount. Insured Cash Sweep doesn’t just protect your large deposits, it gives you access to beneficial interest rates and accounts at these other member institutions.
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